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Your acne has finally cleared up, but your skin problems aren’t over. Now you have acne scars. Luckily, the professionals at Downtown Medspa in Jersey City, New Jersey, can smooth out your acne scars and restore your skin to glowing health with PicoSure® laser treatments from Cynosure®. Downtown Medspa is directed by Eric Reynolds, DPM, a caring doctor who ensures that all of the treatments you receive are evidence-based, effective, and FDA-cleared. To minimize your acne scars and revitalize your skin, contact the aesthetic experts at Downtown Medspa by phone or online form.

Acne Scar Treatment Q & A

Why do I have acne scars?

All scars are the result of a traumatic skin injury. Your body rushes to heal the wounds with new collagen and elastin, which are the building blocks of skin. However, since your body’s priority is to mend the skin quickly, the collagen strands aren’t as orderly as they are in healthy skin.

When your skin finishes healing, it looks different than surrounding skin. Acne scars and other scars are difficult to improve because you must first break up the disordered collagen and then stimulate the production of newer, healthier strands of collagen and elastin.

Acne scars may also have a pitted or sunken appearance caused by the loss of fat or other structures that support your skin. Rebuilding the skin with new collagen is, therefore, a necessary part of filling out pitted acne scars.

How does PicoSure improve acne scars?

The PicoSure® laser addresses the two causes of acne scars by breaking up old, disordered collagen and stimulating the production of fresh, new collagen to fill in pits and crevices. PicoSure’s PressureWave™ technology converts the laser light into short bursts of pressure that last only picoseconds (trillionths of a second).

The pressure from the PicoSure breaks up old, disordered collagen. The pressure also squeezes your skin cells to trigger a slow, orderly wound-healing process. Over the next six months, your skin rebuilds itself with fresh, healthy strands of collagen and elastin.

What are the advantages of PicoSure for acne scars?

PicoSure uses pressure, not heat, to improve your acne scars, meaning it doesn’t burn or damage your epidermis as other lasers do. You might experience slight swelling or redness for up to three hours after your treatment.

You don’t need a recovery period, and there’s no downtime. You can use your regular skin care, sun protection, and makeup directly after your treatment. Best of all, your treatment only takes about ten to 15 minutes.

Does PicoSure hurt?

Your Downtown Medspa expert may apply a numbing cream to your skin to increase your comfort. Most women and men report that the energy pulse from PicoSure feels like a rubber band snapping their skin.

Start improving your acne scars by booking a free PicoSure consultation at Downtown Medspa today. Use the online form or call the friendly staff.