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If you want dazzling eyes without mascara, professional eyelash extensions at Downtown Medspa in Jersey City, New Jersey, are your answer. The aesthetic team at Downtown Medspa is trained by Eric Reynolds, DPM, to ensure that your new lashes look and feel natural and are safe and comfortable. Whether you want a subtly longer and lusher look, or something more dramatic, contact the friendly experts at Downtown Medspa for eyelash extensions. Phone the friendly staff or use the online form.

Eyelash Extensions Q & A

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent way to make your eyelashes look longer and lusher without the need for daily mascara. They look like natural lashes, only more beautiful and flattering.

Whether made of synthetic materials, mink, or hair, each extension is an individual lash.

Eyelash extensions range in size from 6mm to 17mm long. You can choose from a variety of lengths, thicknesses, textures, and degree of curl.

Downtown Medspa offers eyelash extensions from popular brands such as:

  • Sugarlash Pro
  • Novalash
  • Eye Design New York
  • Borboleta

Your aesthetic professional helps you choose the right lash based on your natural lash length and desired look.


How are eyelash extensions applied?

Your aesthetic expert at Downtown Medspa attaches one lash extension to one of your natural lashes and bonds it with hypoallergenic, medical-grade adhesive. You can choose from:

Classic Eyelashes

A full set of lashes that look like your natural lashes, only longer, more defined, and lusher. One extension is applied to each of your individual lashes.

Half Set

Your aesthetic professional applies lashes to only half of your eyelashes for a subtler improvement.

Volume Eyelashes (aka Russian Volume)

Your expert adds two to five lightweight extensions (2D to 5D) to every natural lash for a dramatically fuller look. The volume look is a wonderful way to enhance sparse lashes.


How long does it take to get eyelash extensions applied?

Your Downtown Medspa professional applies a full set of lashes in about two hours. Touch-ups take less time.


Are eyelash extensions safe?

When applied by the trained professionals at Downtown Medspa, eyelash extensions are perfectly safe. The medical-grade adhesive they use for your lashes is the same type that doctors use to hold wounds closed instead of stitches. If you have any allergies, please let your aesthetic expert know.


How long do eyelash extensions last?

Your natural eyelashes and the extensions fall out on their own within six to eight weeks. Your Downtown Medspa expert recommends extension touch-ups every two to three weeks to maintain your lusher, longer look. You must have at least 40% of your extensions in place to be considered a touch-up.


Can I wear mascara with eyelash extensions?

You can use non-waterproof mascara to touch up the ends of your extensions. Remove gently with water.

To create dazzling eyes with eyelash extensions, call the Downtown Medspa professionals or use the online form.